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Cyber Sidewalk is Maxwell Kremer's website!

ATTENTION!: I, Maxwell Kremer, the talented genius artist and inventor, announce this note to specify the idea of "my intellectual property" as an ambitious claim to recover value of product manufacturation without my consent. It is true that I have no U.S. patent. I can't afford to file because no investor has offered to subsidized capitol. Thus, it is an error for any ambitious businessperson to assume that my intellectual property is a patentable idea, without my authorization.

  • U.S. patent law states that any invention conceptualization that "goes public" can not be patented. My website is a public avenue.
  • International patent law varies from country to country. That means in some countries, I, Maxwell Kremer, am full owner of rights of my created intellectual property that I have conceived and illustrated onto my website. I am the inventor.
  • If it is illegal for Americans to patent any of my inventions, I am unsure if it is illegal for them to make them. I suggest that if they sell my inventions as products, then they owe me money.
  • A lawsuit may be filed by any lawyer, to represent me, who has knowledge of stolen intellectual property from Maxwell Kremer's website(s). I do not state a numerical compensation to the lawyer on my website, however I am willing to negotiate. International lawyers are urged to help protect a U.S. citizen's Rights, to promote peace and justice. If any foreign government(s) have seized my intellectual property as their discovery, I suggest that they may compensate financial values to Maxwell Kremer's ownership. I, Maxwell Kremer, prefer to do business instead of evoking global violence of nation vs. nation. I am a peaceful and reasonable person.



                 Being rich is one thing. Being immortal is another. Being a healthy, rich immortal, living in interaction of a realistic virtual reality world, wielding a magical remote is the greatest ambition. From there, a human may want to be comfortable, well fed and entertained. 

I, the creator of this website, am a real human, named Maxwell Kremer. I am inside of a virtual reality machine. The computer of the virtual reality machine , named "Master Computer", has my current simulated world, called "Sim-world X20" or "X20" programmed as a twilight zone bordering illogical/boredom meets subtle mysteries of fate.

As I, Maxwell Kremer, am a brave man, I am willing to virtually step forward into the virtual realms to combat virtual evil. Instead of a computer/video game controller as my tool, I will use virtual weapons in my simulated hands to show no mercy, face to face, with the vile simulated enemies that the Master Computer will calculate and portray. My rewards will be bountiful and after I have conquered, a new sim-world of my choice will be waiting to suit my endeavors of relaxation and comfort. Girlfriend? I will need no girlfriend as my simulated-girlfriends will match my every scrutiny of what an ideal companion is simulated as. I will be king, and perhaps president, of my own castle, as everyday is promising of excitement with the option available, at any moment, to portal into a new sim-world, to regain a new essence of glory, as I may kill, destroy and conquer, in simulation, without worry of punishment, as I have committed no crime. The Master Computer may know that I may not be a true hero, however it will always know that I am a true human.

The vast combinations of sim-worlds are the same size as the Universe, as both are infinite.

NOTE* If there is anyone/thing bothering me in my virtual reality machine, why don't they go somewhere else? My mind is a very small space in scope of things. Perhaps they are enemies treading inside my machine.

Let the games begin!! Wait, I don't have a phazer. I need a phazer. 

VIew mAX kREMER's Animation Portfolio BELOW!


Shalom, Hoo-ah!,  Welcome to Max Kremer's on-line dictation of free speech and opinionitive fire blasts.






               We are in the Matrix. I call it a C.A.R.     (Computer Assisted Reality) Just like on The Matrix,  Star Trek, Total Recall, Avatar, Inception and  more. (I , the author, AM IN A VIRTUAL REALITY MACHINE WORLD!)


       "My name is Max Kremer. I am not a program!

                             I am a real person!"

"I am the one. . . who thinks his website is  getting hacked."                           



      Welcome to the afterlife....

                                       or so it seems.

                                                                                                                      One might say,... it is merely life. 

                                                   So  read on! and keep in mind,

                                                   everything is in my mind. And.....

                                                    some things are outside of it.                                   


Reading the Novel "Robinson Crusoe" = Thinking about an imaginary world

Watching the movie "The Terminator" on a t.v. = Viewing an imaginary world

Playing the game "Duke Nukem" on a computer = Semi-interacting in an imaginary world

Being in a virtual reality machine = Total interaction in a sim'world, as a human's conscious presence  is relayed, as a sim'location that is within a sim'world

Any imaginary world can become a sim'world by computer programming



                                                                       Oy gevalt, Don't tread on me. 



If you disagree, then let's say, Once you die, they freeze your brain... then when a million years went past, or just 10 minutes, it would just be a snap!, because, you would not be able to gauge time passing by. NOW!, how good will technology be in 10 years (or how good is it now?)... or 1 million years...   Technology will have the capabilities, eventually, to  put one's mind  in the video-game world... to be reborn..perhaps unknowingly, forever.  But, we are already there. And it's Jewish. One God, monotheism. . A nice place to be. But why are there enemies in my C.A.R. Machine?  Enemy minds are something to play with. We learn much. But to be bravely immortal, there are ways. And there is hope. It is a holy world we live in.  But there is also destruction, ferocious steel rain and boiling, firey venom.

                                      thought - electronic stimulator 




 Prepare to glimpse inside the CAR machine MATRIX Video Game Existence!


...and the Concepts of the potential Astonishment!



 Do not let the immobile droids, of a computer's imagination, control(/effect) you(/me)!  <--click me





They are the Computer Generated People, the SIMs, the computer game characters around you.



     They have neither emotion, nor thought process, just cause and effect programming from another source, the master computer.         



...There are many illusions, many tricks, many traps, many baits, many deceptions, many tests and many funless sinisterly stupid games that they play.They are the tricks. They want to fool you.   They put the NY in the Matrix.   .    .   .   .  .                      

                                                  MAny TRIX 



              THe Logic of 0% Crime           

IF I was born...into the CAR machine.... then it is simple to say that I, Maxwell Kremer, have never committed a single crime. Never. I am 100% innocent, as I have never had the opportunity to drop a single piece of trash on the ground (Littering. Crime) I have never had the opportunity to Jay Walk, to speed in an automobile, to run when a sign says walk.  The age of Ultimate Technology provides the simulation of senses in any manner.  It is true that sim-stealing is not a crime, so if there is no crime, then why could there be punishment. Punishment for no-crime is error. Crime is punishment for no-crime. 

                                    Crime = Punishment, in the circumstance of error. 

Simulated-Crime is not a crime because there is no victim.  No victims, lots of fun and no punishment. 

*NOTE* A power-player is a human that is plugged into the CAR machine system who programs simulations for other players. The difference between a power-player and a player is that the power-player has powers to utilize about/against a player by means of:

  • Opportunity programming
  • Environment programming
  • Simulation programmings

If a Power-Player commits crimes on another Player, then the Power-Player is a criminal.
If a Power-Player has networked into another Player's sim-world/frequency, then the Power-Player is a Network-Power-Player.

Logic: If a moderator or power-player commits a crime upon a the innocent player is the victim....., the moderator-violator/power-player-violator is insane and suicidal and should be put to death.   Here's why:

  •  The violator's physical location was in the heart of the CAR machine facility. The CAR machine facility is a scientific-magical place where anything is possible in simulation. The violator chose to commit a crime......instead of choosing to commit a sim-crime! INSANE! ENEMY!
  • If moderators/power-players can not be trusted to commit 0% crime, then they should be put to death. If they escape from the CAR machine facility, then they are to be banished. They may never return. They are the enemy.

"In the Age of Ultimate Science, inside the CAR machine facility, there is infinite space for simulation, and 0% for crime." 



                                              Anything is possible in the CAR Machine. 

..."if you don't look at every page on my website, then why look at any in the first place?"                         I command thee to look at everything on my website!



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